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2022-02-18, 19:21
I asked guidance to St. Jude to pass my semestral subjects and I did despite my shortcomings. Lord and St. Jude, Thank you!
2022-01-23, 05:16
Thank you Saint Jude for your intercession.

Saint Jacinta – Vision of Hell Changed Her Life

Article taken from https://wafusa.org/jacinta-vision-of-hell-changed-her-life/


Little Jacinta Marto died just shy of her 10th birthday on February 20, 1920, from tuberculosis and bronchial pneumonia. She died alone in a hospital in Lisbon as Our Lady foretold, embracing all her sufferings for the salvation of souls.

Jacinta’s life was a perpetual sacrifice and immolation from the time she first beheld the Blessed Mother until her death. She was so overcome by the terrible vision of Hell during the July apparition and her concern for poor sinners in danger of the perpetual fires prompted her to seek out all possible suffering on their behalf.

The First Saturday Communions of Reparation were requested by Our Lady of Fatima for the purpose of saving souls in danger of Hell and to obtain the conversion of Russia and peace in the world. Here are some of Jacinta’s recorded sayings that are worthy of reflection:

One day Lucia asked her why she looked so sad: “I am thinking of Hell and unfortunate sinners. How sorry I am for the souls that go there…think of it, alive, burning like wood in a fire. Lucy, why doesn’t Our Blessed Lady show Hell to sinners? If they could but see it they would never commit any more sins and would never go there.”

After Francisco had died, she was speaking to Lucia about her having to remain on earth: “I am going to Heaven, but you are to remain here. If Our Lady allows you, tell everybody what Hell is really like so that they will never commit sin again. So many people falling into Hell, so many people…”

When she was too weak to attend daily Mass: “That doesn’t matter. I want to go to make up for those sinners who will not go even on Sundays. Do you know, Lucia, our dear Lord is so sad and Our Lady told us He is already too greatly offended and we must not offend him anymore, but nobody listens and they just go on committing the same sins.”

During her illness: “I love Our Lord and Our Lady and I never get tired telling them that I love them. When I do that it seems as if there were a fire burning inside my breast, a fire that does not consume.”
Often she would sit up in bed motionless, burning with fever. On one occasion her mother asked her what she was thinking about: “I am thinking of Francisco. How I should love to see him. But I am also thinking of the coming war, all the people who are going to die and all those who are going to Hell.”
Just before leaving for the hospital, she told Lucia: “(People) must ask peace through the Immaculate Heart because God has given it to her. I wish I could put into everybody the fire that I have here in my heart which makes me love the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary so much.”
To Mother Godinho, her “little” mother, who cared for her in the hospital: “My dear little mother, sins of the flesh, more than any other, are bringing souls to Hell. Certain fashions are going to be introduced that will offend Our Lord very greatly and those who serve God should not follow them…The sins of the world are too great…Many marriages are not good, they are not pleasing to our Lord and are not of God. If people could only realize what eternity means they would do everything possible to change their lives. My dear mother, run away from riches. Cherish silence and holy poverty. Always be charitable, even with those who are unkind. Never criticize others and avoid those who do.”
Jacinta is a model for what it means to suffer even the smallest sacrifice for a reward so great as Heaven.

Article taken from https://wafusa.org/jacinta-vision-of-hell-changed-her-life/

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